I write a lot, and some of it finds its way across the web. Here’s a directory to some of the highlights. In a few cases, the original host has succumbed to link rot, and I’ve reposted the material here on my own site.


Strange Beast – An article I did for the Slate Book Review about my young infatuation and then disillusionment with the work of author Tom Robbins. Published June 2014.


Journal of a New COBRA Recruit (2002)
Journal Of A Seasoned COBRA Veteran (2006)
Journal of a COBRA Special Forces Veteran (2011)
Three ridiculous, linked humor pieces mocking the cartoons of my youth. I’m proud to say that I got some nice emails from Larry Hama, the guy who wrote the Marvel G.I. Joe comics in the 80s (which were actually really good, and not much like the very silly TV cartoons) about these pieces.

The Rake

Portrait of the Artist as a Non-Artist (2003) – An article about National Novel Writing Month, approaching it by reviewing my own terrible NaNoWriMo output.

Go Loudly into the Night (2004) – Coverage of an adult “rock band” class at MacPhail Music Center.

Cover Letters I’d Like to Send (2004) – Humor piece, straight-up silliness.

Drat! (2005) – Piece on comic book movies in general and the first Fantastic Four movie in particular. I don’t remember what my suggested title was, but I know it wasn’t “Drat!”

Reality is the New Fantasy (2006) – Profile of the very excellent St. Paul comic artist Ryan Kelly

Pulse of the Twin Cities

Bob Mould: “This is my life’s work.” (2005) – Interview and profile of musician Bob Mould


A Bad Day to Be A Sturgeon (2005) – Essay I wrote about a bizarre sturgeon-spearing season in Wisconsin. Originally appeared on the now-defunct American Nerd.

Eschaton Lite (2010) – Set of playable rules I wrote for the Eschaton game which figures prominently in David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest. This piece was in turn the basis for a story in Outside Magazine.

The People Who Run Things (2004) – Weird physics-based fiction piece that ran in the lit anthology The Diagram.


You may also want to look at my index of my comics, music, and other stuff.



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