Nowhere Band is my now again-active strip about the experiences of a band that’s never going to get off the bottom rung of the music-scene ladder. It may be a touch autobiographical.Nowhere Band received favorable writeups from Minnesota Public Radio, City Pages, and, among others.
Otto, Protector of the North Woods is a horror-comedy set in northern Minnesota, on the shores of Lake Superior. It was abandoned for reasons not worth going into, but the two story arcs that were completed are pretty good, and I like the art.
Gentleman’s Gentleman‘s aim is simple: to bring the light of gentlemanly manners to an uncouth, faintly scuzzy world.
English Majeure is a comic filled with jokes about books. I read a lot, and a lot of jokes pop into my head while I’m reading. That’s all that’s going on here. If nothing else, I’m happy to have finally be put my English degree to some sort of use. English Majeure is on hiatus at the moment, but it’s the sort of project that could roar back to life whenever a new idea hits me.


Derailleur, a horrifying rock onlsaught from MinneapolisDerailleur is a righteous band in which I play guitar, do some singing, and make weird noises with keyboards and a Kaossilator. To steal a line from myself that I used in Nowhere Band, we sound like either the world’s artiest garage band or the world’s sloppiest art band.
The awesome boys will rock you until you feel pain.The Awesome Boys is who I turn into when I record by myself. Are who? I don’t know. The Awesome Boys are also the protagonists of Nowhere Band. We’re deep in the metafictional weeds here.


I took a picture of a cat and a Nabaztag and I like it.Flickr set of my best pictures

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