So, it turns out that last year I figured fairly prominently in an Outside Magazine article about the semifictional game Eschaton (and my adaptation of it). I remember talking to the reporter, but thought that no story ever came of it; it was a big, awesome surprise to stumble across the story yesterday.

So, yeah. That happened, and is/was pretty cool.

nwiconLet’s start with the executive summary: After being in creative exile, more or less, for the past 4 months, I started work this morning on bringing back my old rock strip Nowhere Band. The new volume will, somewhat recursively, follow the Awesome Boys as they try to get their band back together after a long hiatus and deal with the fact that they’re now edging into being older than their musical peers. First new strip should go up some time next week. It should be funny and human. I’m stoked.

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